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Microneedling in Watchung, NJ


Microneedling in Watchung, NJ

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure known for rejuvenating and restoring the skin. This treatment involves using a device equipped with fine needles to create little punctures in the top layer of the skin. These micro-injuries stimulate the body’s natural wound-healing processes, resulting in cellular turnover and increased collagen and elastin production. Microneedling is versatile and can be used to treat a variety of skin concerns on the face, neck, and décolleté, such as fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and uneven skin tone. It is suitable for individuals who want to improve their skin texture and appearance, regardless of age or skin type. Results typically become visible after a few weeks, as the skin naturally heals and rejuvenates itself. The effects of microneedling can last several months and can be maintained with regular treatments.

If you’re in the Watchung, NJ, area and are considering microneedling for skin rejuvenation, Aesthetify offers this innovative treatment. Our skilled aestheticians are committed to providing exceptional care, helping you achieve a smoother, more youthful complexion. Book your appointment today to experience the benefits of microneedling and take a step towards radiant, healthy skin.

Benefits of Microneedling


Individuals looking to improve skin texture, reduce signs of aging, or diminish scars are ideal candidates.
Visible improvements typically appear within a few weeks after treatment as the skin heals.
The results can last several months and can be prolonged with regular maintenance sessions.
Microneedling has minimal downtime, with possible short-term redness or sensitivity post-treatment.
Avoid sun exposure and harsh skin treatments before and after the procedure, and follow any specific aftercare instructions provided.
Expect a procedure involving a device with fine needles creating micro-injuries to the skin, with minimal discomfort. A topical numbing cream will be applied before the procedure to ensure comfort.

Finance Options

Navigating the financial aspects of aesthetic enhancements should be as stress-free and straightforward as the treatments themselves. At Aesthetify, we are committed to making your journey towards self-improvement accessible and affordable. Our financing options provide flexible payment solutions that accommodate your budget and lifestyle. We proudly offer Cherry Financing and Care Credit, two trusted financing options that allow you to proceed with your desired treatments today while managing payments over time in a way that works best for you. With these financial services, you can plan your aesthetic journey without worrying about upfront costs. Explore the details of these financing options and take the first step toward realizing your aesthetic goals with confidence and financial peace of mind.

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